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24 August 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Hello world~
So I've decided to stay inactive here in LJ..
thank you for your visits..
you can see me at other places:

http://dorkistic.blogspot.com {my design site}
http://dorkistic-chazzie.blogspot.com {my portfolio}
http://choi-haneul.blogspot.com {my personal blog}
Plurk @ ChazzieF
Facebook @ Chazzie Woongjae

see you there!
08 July 2009 @ 10:53 am
hey people!

Hehh, I think I need to start all over again with LJ-ing.. I mean, I've been here for many years and I've been neglecting it at the same time! haha, well, it's to good to delete the account..I mean, I like it here, especially when I slowly get my hands on the coding and changing the layout ^^ I'm thinking of making FT Island's cover but you'll puke when you hear it because it's not the same as the previous numbers that I covered. It's more into emotions and you have to have full emotion to sing it out loud, and not to say, the voice range is like sooo difficult -losing my voice already-

And this morning, I tried Juliette's choreography, and I just wanna kill the boys! I mean, they never have any single dance that is easy! started with Noona Neomu Yeoppo, and now Juliette, they combine all their previous choreos here! I almost give up but seriously, I really wanna dance at least one Shinee song! huha~ Staying at home made me gain more weight (and I still blame Shinee for theire choreo-la kan...) TT_TT So far, Super Junior's choreos are easy to follow especially U, Don't Don, and of course Sorry Sorry, and 2PM's Again and Again.. Still memorizing I Hate You (which my sister taught me last week).. So, my target this week is for Juliette's! yay!!

I like this picture because...I don't know..just like it.. I'm thinking of using this picture for one of the layout request...what say you?

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28 October 2008 @ 01:51 am
Hey hey everyone! I've been neglecting my LJ for more than two weeks! Biane..college is killing me! I'm in the middle of final exams week and I still got 4 more papers to go ^^ However, in the middle of that, I also come for duet practice with Zuhairy and I really hope we can perform Nothing Better perfectly.

You know how tired you can be while reading notes aite..so, in between the notes, I take a break and recorded two covers, which is Shinee's version of MIROTIC and Smash's Never Ending Story These two songs are the songs of the week for me because I can't get them both out of my head!! Hope you can listen and comment. Excuse my Korean >.< I'm not a good singer, but I sing for fun ^^



The weather is getting cold and it's raining everyday...brrrr....
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15 October 2008 @ 01:22 am
Life is so hectic this week.. Since Sunday, I haven't got any good sleep..I slept at 4 and wake up at 7 for almost 3 days and it's totally not good for me. But oh well, I can't help it..I need to work on my term papers and prepare for presentations. I was in Primitive Communities class when I felt very sleepy listening to the lectures... So I just write some "other" stuffs on my notebook..and I came out with a song..

It's a typical song with a typical music and lyrics, about a person who doesn't want to leave his/her best friend but life urges him/her to go.. It's raining here so I can't record the song..but here's the lyric..


I can feel that we're drifting away
but I know that it's me
I'm too afraid to see your face
afraid of leaving and letting go

Days seem getting closer
we can't stop the time
so let us cherish all the moment we have

c/o; I don't wanna go
but I don't wanna stay
the feeling in indescribable
I can't tell it from the very heart
I don't wanna leave
but staying is too much
I wanna see you, be with u
but I gotta move on

all the memories,
smile and tears
a beautiful dream
that we have made into reality
how I hope the dream will last
so I can stay with you forever

don't cry my friend
my dearest friends
coz your tears hurt me
breaks me to pieces
we'll see each other
no matter where we are
believe in you and me
we'll be together..

I uploaded an audio vidz @ Youtube, where me and my friends singing You Raise Me Up. The lead vocal is obviously Aizat, I'm on the piano and the choruses are me and Azuwachan

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12 October 2008 @ 12:01 pm
Uh-oh...I almost forgot....happy belated birthday to Henry!!! yeah..it was yesterday but oh well, I hope it's not too late eh... I got no time to make a bday graphic for him..I wich you my dear Henry a Happy Birthday. Good luck in your future undertakings and keep it up with your music and Super Junior M! and if you're a member of SuperJuniorM community @ LJ, you can check out latest icons uploaded there dedicated to Henry ^^

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12 October 2008 @ 11:24 am
This is based on Shinee's Yunhanam, so, Shinee Worlds out there, feel free to copy and make this tag. This is just for fun so let's share your answers with us ^^

- Have you ever dreamt of dating younger guy?
No, since I prefer older or same aged guy.

- How is it different to date yunhanam rather than older/same age guy?
I think it would be fun since I myself still acting childish at times, and we can look after each other together.

- If you're chosen to be the noona in Yunhanam, what type of activity you'd like to do with the boys?
I'd like to spend a holiday with them where we can wake up in the morning and spend the day exploring and taking pictures, play football in the evening and play music before we sleep.. I don't like something which is too extreme like jungle trekking or anything.. just walk around the area, play little games and have fun together.

- Will you choose your yunhanam based on their performance/attitude during the date and activity or you'll simply will choose your favourite Shinee member from the beginning?why?
I'll choose them based on their performance during the date. and if I really can't choose, I guess I should throw a dice! haha..

- Would you rather have 1-1 date or 5-1 date with the boys? why?
I'd rather have a 5-1 date because that way I can see each of the boy's attitude and since I'm not that talkative, it's good to watch them talking when I feel like being quiet. 1-1 is a no-no especially if I were going to date Minho!

- Is there any of the boys that meet your "prince charming" figure? who and why?
I like someone who can sing, play music, good at sports, enjoy reading/literature, good sense of humor, and good sense of hairstyle..so it's a mixture of Minho and Onew..I guess,...

- How will you tell them the result? (e.g: giving rose like the 1st noona, giving lifejacket like the 3rd noona, etc)
I'll put them in a room with their eyes closed, and they are separated from each other. Then, I'll ask them to count to 10 quitely and start singing Love Like Oxygen out loud from the beginning. While they're counting, I'll bring my chosen yunhanam quietly out of the room and they will know who was chosen when the yunhanam is not singing his line. (complicated eh? but yeah...I think it's simple and cool! *mental!)

- What song do you want Shinee/your yunhanam sing in front of you? (apart of Noona Neomu Yeoppo! haha..I know everyone wants them to sing this song for us!)
Miracle & Majimak Sonmul

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11 October 2008 @ 04:51 pm
It's weekend and our morning is chaotic! Mom's students come for Hari Raya and we are like running here and there fetching glasses and re-filling the cookie jars.. However, it's fun to do so because we can feel the Hari Raya spirit there.. I downloaded Yunhanam 11 just now and had a great laugh with Nona watching how naughty Minho is to propose to PD so that they can prank Key instead.. (ommo...spoiler here for those who haven't watch!) Kinda sad that Yunhanam is going to and end..I really hope there'll be season 2, just like Super Junior's Explorers of Human Body (EHB)

We browsed around Friendster and saw many pictures from Fahrenheit concert.. it looked awesome and how I wish I can ho to the concert next month here in Malaysia but too bad, I got my final exam on that day T___T and we found a pic where TVXQ share a cam with Fahrenheit! this is exciting! Looking at the pictures, they look normal, compared to Super Junior M with Fahrenheit. FRH looked waayyyy bigger and SJM looked like shorties..even Siwon and Hangeng.. *yawn* I'm feeling sleepy..chow!

1_695390191l.jpg (60 KB)

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10 October 2008 @ 03:49 pm
Hello again!

Hehh..I supposed to read and prepare for next week's presentation but then again, here I am, working on my LJ's new layout! Kyaaa...I'm so excited! This 2nd version features Shinee Trio a.k.a My Fave Shinee Boys Minho, Jinki, and Jonghyun. Why did I call it Back To Basic? because it's just a simple header, with only one picture, one brush, and colorization. The background? Oh well, I just wrote down my favourite K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop idols and tadaa...became the background!

I also made several userpics so that I can change them everytime I posted new stuffs.. I'm not good at making icons, so it's just cropping and color overlay..no text WSE.. Thanks for those who added me as friend..I want to be active again here, only that I have to sort out what should I write here, and what should I write at my blogger account. This weekend will be the day I study the CSS of LJ and finishing all my works..

----» Update ComApp's Website
----» WorldLit & LingApp Presentation
----» Multimedia presentation of IAG's AGM
----» New Layout @ ChazzieFairuz

Last but not least, I leave you guys with a song:
Download Dahl Peng Eeon Mi [MP3]- Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun avatar credit to : DarlingDeanna
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10 October 2008 @ 08:03 am
Hey ya everyone! Ahneyong haseyo ^^

For the first time after years of having livejournal, I finally get to make my own LJ layout! but with the help from other website of course.. thanks everyone for helping me..and now I'm so excited and I wanna learn and explore more of LJskins and create more skins!

my first baby features SMASH, my current obsession! haha...I always obsesses with KPop and SMASH just debuted some times ago, not long after Shinee. and of course, my layout is in my fave colour, which is purple! haha..

Today I'm home..although I got tonnes of works to be done, but I just wanna be home.. I brought most of my work with me and I'll try to finish them off..I'm up to nothing interesting..just browsing my fave forums, and downloading videos off youtube..hehh..

So, I leave you guys today with SMASH's EMERGENCY performance.. video credits to SHEEHWI @ YOUTUBE ..enjoy your weekend!

*off to make more userpics*

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08 October 2008 @ 03:26 pm
Hi everyone! It's been a while eh..anyway, I'm so into Shinee and this song stuck in my head when I first heard Jonghyun sang it.. Since I'm pretty bad in Korean, so I changed it to English and even make a clips of me singing the second part of the song.. here's the lyric, and below's the acapella clips..

It always appeared before me
Your little face i remembered
my heart that stop because of you
you took away my lonely heart

and with your brightest smile
that's how you opened my heart

it is true i live for you
and that's how i've become your man
all my nightmares, bad memories,
i can no longer recall

because the hands that holds me
tight is as warm as spring

and now like a dream my heart has gradually
stopped by your side
and without awake for a moment
i dream and endless dream

as i breathe is your love
i wish you could be there
always be right by my side

nothing better...nothing better...than you..

Lyrics credit to SHINEESUBS
I just edited here and there

Me singing Nothing Better
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